Random Heeheeness

I went to a gym.

Not my first time but after a long long time. The gym is damn high tech. Can watch tv on the treadmill machine while crawling. Can watch tv while doing the bike machine. I think i will only have time to watch tv during gym time.

And I really loathed running. Running is worse than eating leeks. But today after brisk walking for a while, I feel good enough to start running. Miss Eloquent was so shocked to see a running object next to her.

On another note, I have a new english name. I told my icelandic project mate to give me one after describing the meaning of my chinese name. And you know chinese names somehow have some meanings which you are probably not. The moment I explained to my icelandic project mate, another Singaporean project mate burst out laughing. -_-

So cool to have a icelandic name. And it is written in the icelandic alphabets. Heh! And I was learning how to pronouce my new name.