Now everything doesn’t go as planned

I hate changes. I really do. I told myself that it is ok that I don’t apply my trade scholarship this year. I will apply next year after doing maybe 2 months of internship with them. Then I will know the industry better and I can maybe ace the interview or something.

I sent an email to Jason long ago hoping to do a trade internship. It was almost 1 mth ago. He kept my email and emailed me that there will be an interview on sat(tmr) and he will pass my resume to the companies then. And he was saying something like oh I know you never apply for the scholarship but can you come down for the interview this sat?

I was like ????. Ok. I can make it. And I asked whether it was for the internship or scholarship. If it is for the internship, there will be less stress.

Next thing I know, there was an interview for the scholarship. I have to submit a 1 page writeup that day. I had the worse case of writer’s block. The worsT! Something which never happened to me before.

Being depressed, I sent my 1 page write up to Wangwang and asked him for help. He took a look and started to insult me. Whatever. But he rewrote everything for me and sent me a spanking new 1 page write up. I am ashamed to say i sent his piece.

It should have been my work.

Life really sucks man. I am in Marcus’ group for the interview. I hate group interviews. And I am with smart people. Omg, have I ever mentioned that I feel stupid in Uni?

Now you know why I hate the world.

Wish me good luck tmr. I hope I can ace the group interview.