Most awesome idea of shoes ever, MBT

Wouldn’t you all agree?

From their local website,

Swiss-designed Masai Barefoot Technology is a new-generation footwear which imitates the grounds that the Masai Kenyan tribe walks on. Because of its specially- constructed sole, the shoes transform the hard, concrete streets that we walk on in the urban landscape into soft, natural ground, much like walking on sand.

Walking on sand is gentle on our back and joints and yet causes our muscles to work harder, resulting in a pain-free body and stronger muscles. The sole also forces us to balance and straighten up. With a more upright posture, we not only look better but are stronger and healthier. And that is why people all over the world love to wear MBT!

AND THAT IS WHY PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD LOVE TO WEAR MBT! That’s why we pay 300 dollars (if my memory serves me correctly) for a pair of WOWOMG ugly shoes. And so we’ll be like walking on sand just like the Masai Kenyan people. 😮

And being tall got all its advantages being able to play all rides at the amusement park, able to reach anything and bragging rights!

So go get your very own pair of MBT shoes now!