More hot news on Wee Shu-min

I was pleasantly surprised. Straits Times reported on the news about the anger the netizens feel.

There is still some hope.

But looking at the reply of MP Wee, I lost all hope again.

He really doesn’t understand the anger we felt. It is not the language which fueled us. Come on, we are educated enough to look beneath that and see the underlying message her blog entry was talking about.

We are worried that with her background (primeminister book’s awards, top O level student) and so on, she has a high chance of being a top civil servant and no doubt will be in the BOD of some huge firms. And there she is with her unfeeling ways talking down on people who depends on her for a living.

MP Wee in support of his daughter has lost support for himself. If only you had berated her, saying that her message is wrong as well as the delivery, perharps the backlash would not be on the father instead of the daughter.

It doesn’t help that an MP implies through my understanding that I with my degree in future shouldn’t complain about my future. Come on. The world is so dynamic and changing. People have a reason to be frightened of their rice bowls.We are afraid of our rice bowls as we don’t want to depend on the govt for payouts. It saddens me that an MP, our leader cannot see our fears and worries.

Like what I commented on zhiyang’s blog, we now know why shumin blogged the way she did. Really shang liang bu zheng, xia liang wai. (pardon the bad hanyu pinyin)