Lucky Draw Confession

This happened quite some time ago. I thought writing about it will ruin my chances of winning. You know it was for an IPOD MINI! An freaking IPOD MINI! I mean who doesn’t want an IPOD MINI?

Anyways I was at down at Bugis Street.

If you’re wondering what the hell I was doing there. I wasn’t shopping, I was doing important stuff that’s so awesome that if I tell, I’ll have to kill you. Slowly. Painfully.

Ok, so I then saw this little lucky draw box. Buy something and fill in a little form with the receipt and tada! You’re in the draw for an IPOD MINI! The problem is, the box is filled to the brim. Not even space for me to stuff my receipt in.

There’s only one way things should go around here. My way. So I practically emptied the entire lucky draw box.

I even made a little diagram for you slower ones.

Proven to be true, mr lim’s theorem.

Next time your teacher asks you a question, just tell her about the mr lim’s theorem. She’ll be so in awe of your sheer genius that she’ll probably let you graduate from there and then.

No kidding.