Little Miss Sunshine and Imagine Me and You

Yesterday went to watch 2 movies in a day.

First movie was Imagine Me and You

Plot: About a married woman who fell in love with the florist for the wedding. It is a comedy. Not too bad but it was rated R21. And the only R21 thing about the movie was the theme ( lesbianism ) and nothing else. The female leads kissed only. Darn, they didn’t even have sex cause the husband came to the florist shop at the right moment. Piper the actress who was the main character in Coyote Ugly is the female lead who is married here.

Biggest boohoo for me was not the movie. This is the first time I bought nachos for myself to munch. First fucking time. And guess what, as I entered the cinema, the huge heavy curtain was in my way and ( me holding 2 bags and a nachos with extra cheese filled to the brim ) hit me right in the head when I entered. It was dark and I did not notice. So I jotted up and nachos and cheese came raining down on my bags and my shoes. So I paid extra cheese to watch it stain the carpet, my toes and on my laptop bag. Hooray!

I swear that cinema is jinxed cause I remembered watching Where the truth lies (another R21 flick) or something in that same cinema, and my friend spilled her nachos on her white skirt.

After which instead of heading back to school to print my statutes and attempt to study, I decide to wonder around Bugis with Tiff to do some hardcore shopping. In the end after walking for 3 hours and feeling aching knees and feet, we managed to buy some stuff during the last half an hour. I think we are desperate. So I ended up buying some dress which is supposed to be worn as a long top. Now it is just a short dress. The shopowner was nice and helpful and it doesn’t help that she thinks I am *cough*18*cough*.

At 630pm, it was time for my gay boys to meet their fag hag. Met up with Mr Fag and Mr West. Movie was Little Miss Sunshine after reading about the rave review on KingMeng‘s blog (buy my muffins and brownies leh).

It is fucking funny. I was guffawing like a hyena while being sandwiched between my gay friends. That dwanye ( did I spell it right) dude was awfully cute. Go and catch it. I will give it all the popcorns in the world.

Dwanye is the cutie on the right. The one on the left’s gay in the movie.