It’s 3 am

and I am still stuck here with an assignment I want to finish before I sleep. At least there is no school tomorrow.

Just in case, people think I have evolved to this nerd, I baked on thurs, went for a birthday party on Fri, scolded a 14 year old boy for scolding fuck(will blog abt that) on Sat, baked for 5.5 hrs on Sunday, movie watchathon (1.5 movies + ANTM) at Miss Gem’s house today.

I got alot of work to complete (omg, I dread all the damn annual reports I got to trudge through) and tuition tomorrow.

Another project meeting plus a fortune teller meeting on wed

A interview for my internship, a tuition and a movie (with Miss RA pal) and another movie watchathon (aming 2 movies) in school on thurs

Off to malacca from FRI onwards.

What nerd?