I need to breathe

And its not because of the haze.

I just had a quiz. I hope I didn’t screw it up. I wrote some ridiculous things there. You know the sort that the prof will mention to the whole class, and then everybody laughs. I am not kidding. My primary school eassy was flashed on the OHP and more than 10 years later, I am still tramatized.

I need to complete 2 papers by tomorrow. So that I can ask my friends questions before my exam. It’s on wed and it is freaking me out.

Add in 1 assignment to touch up before I hand in tomorrow.

Add 1 project to do more research and my own part after wed night for thur’s meeting.

Add 1 project to do on thurs night before fri’s project meeting.

And all this while I have an individual assignment staring at me.

“Oh, hallo! I promise to get back to you soon. And spent some precious time together, baby!”

Add tuition commitments and plans to Stop.Eating.Junk.and.Exercise.Hard

Oh i forgot I need to sleep too.

Oh plus add in some stress for worrying about the outcome for the interviews. Throw zits in too.

And breathe Deep!

FUck, I totally forgot about going to the doc. My back still hurt at times. And I need to be super careful.