I hope it is the PMS

sometimes I look at myself and think that I am way too much an angry person. I have terrible mood swings which I unleash only to those close to me. My family gets alot of that, of which they do not deserve. Case in point, I was laughing and happy outside with my friends and the moment I stepped home, it was depression time. I turned into this angry monster who snapped at everybody.

It’s unhealthy and it’s bad.

And it always happens when I am at home. And I need to figure out what my problem is. I get incensely frustrated over little things at home. I despised to be nagged to put my things away. I hate to be told to shift to somewhere else to sit. I guess when I am at home, I really want to sit back and relax and just do my thangs, and I don’t want people to talk to me. But hell no, when you are living in a big family, everybody has something for you to do for them.

I got to change alright.

Anger management course 1: Breathe