Good and bad news

I got another offer for internship! Yipee! Not that I am good but demand is high and supply is low. So hiak hiak hiak!

And for the interview I went on sat, according to the email, the industry partners got no job for you to do. So they don’t need interns. Bullshit! Maybe the person wanted to make me feel better. If not if there is really no job for me, then why the bloody hell I go for the interview?


But anyway, at least I gained more experience at interviews. A valuable lesson no less.

I have decided which company to sign up for already. Miss Pooh, same company as you. I am really looking forward to slogging it out, returning home in the wee hours (machiam after clubbing) and then returning to work in the morning. Yes, I love to torture myself. At least I will spent less money. No time to go out-> no movies, restuarants and shopping. Not even online shopping so I shall buy more clothes online now. Just in case.