Elitist shit


I am linking this not because it is newsworthy but because it angers me to read about such shit.

I consider myself lucky. Parents who are not rich- in fact we struggled and is still struggling through the years. But I got myself a uni education and I am thankful for that.

But look, everybody one else is also getting a tertiary education and in no time, there will be more competition. Competition isn’t just within Singapore but comes from external factors as well. Maybe Miss Wee doesn’t have to slog it out and hence she doesn’t understand. Oh the woes of the elite. But I have worked in a HR dept and screened through the resumes, and I dare say that half of the job applicants are foreigners. And they are applying for jobs which require skills. Not your type of jobs which Singaporean doesn’t want. Now they are fighting for jobs which Singaporeans are fighting for as well. They are hungry and they work with a pay cut.

It’s real.

Therefore we can emphatise with Derek cause that is our real concerns which is bothering us. Oh bother, maybe she doesn’t have to worry about that cause there are other things to worry about. Like french lessons. And people with bad english. *flips hair*. And of course stupid people with the same surname as her.

Oh and she coined the term ‘neighborhood poor’. Bravo!

Being the smart person that she is, she doesn’t realise that the moment she hits the button “publish”, it means that her blog is published and for the world to scruntised. Look, my profs always tell me. There are people watching you. Undoubtedly so. Especially if your father is an MP and you have 11 A1s. And don’t go crying something to the tune of “I do not know that so many people my blog.”

So many people have flamed her. Put her picture for all to view. Put her family’s pictures. And all I got to say is that, ” You need to grow up. This is the real world. ”

Thoughts I am pondering about
1) will the “stalkerish tomorrow.sg” papers pick up on this news and publish it? I await her father’s response.
2) Does her father knows about the shit his daughter had stirred?
3) will she be a top civil servant and inflict her thinking on us “the neighbourhood poor”?