An Interview that went well

updated: deleted the photos cause too big 🙁 and I was hotlinking

So many things to blog about. I was forced not to blog as there was some changing server thing. Since Mr Lim says don’t touch your blog, Mrs Lim don’t touch her blog.

First things first, went to watch John Tucker Must Die in a cinema full of girls from girl’s school and sec school. Nevertheless, the movie was fun as everybody in the cinema was just having a good time and laughing away.

A nice chick flick to laugh at.

Then it was off to PS for some shopping. I was with a super broke friend who has no money. All she says is ” I am going to bring my mother out for shopping”, and secretly adds all the prices of the things she wants her mother to buy. TSk tsk.

Buy own things spent own money ok? Luckily we only shopped for 1 hour


First up, a pair of pants from U2. I am going to start working soon and I need to invest.

Then it was a top and a skirt, only 10 bucks each from Outfitters basement of PS. Super cheap. I wanted to get their jacket but I have way too many jackets.

Then it was off to Simpang Bedok for some fortune-teller reading. I must have been the most superstitious lady around. But since I promised SL to go with her, I decided to honour my promise. In the end, BY who came did not even ask.

All I had was the fortune-teller telling me that I have a boyfriend. I vehemently shook and head and said No. Then he said, no you have a boyfriend. Then I said No again. Then he told me that my boyfriend is in my midst already. Eh, Mr Fag first person I thought was you. Cause he said your good guy friend.

The auntie before me was asking about her family. She suspected that her husband got affair lah. Poor thing leh. You slog your whole life away bringing up your son to 30 years old, and it is time for you to retire and relax, and your husband have some god-damn affair.

If my bf/hubby have any affair, he shall ahem, be prepared for some consequences. I think maybe they will make another John Tucker movie with me as the main character.

Oh yah, my trip to Malacca is cancelled. I have an impromtu interview on Saturday. Yes, I hate interviews and I am totally not prepared for that.

For today’s interview, everything went quite smoothly. I was talking about my hobbies and myself. How difficult can that get right? The 2 interviewers just said ” Interesting” throughout my whole interview. They said I was the first to say baking is my hobby. I guess they are sick of hearing hobbies like reading/shopping/sports. I mentioned reading though. And I must say one of them was quite *cough*impressed*cough* with my reply when he asked me whether I would continue my baking and make it a business.

I replied ” I thought about that before. But I guess I will enjoy baking more if I keep it a hobby instead. Baking for a business would be a very different thing altogether.”

Impressed interviewer:” Yah, you are right. Like I like travelling. But travelling on the work is not fun at all.” *goes on to talk about overseas travelling for work*


And we talked about IMF. It’s an excellent topic as I was able to relate my personal experience.

Statistics of the interview
3 questions posted by the interviewer: tell me more about yourself. Your hobbies. IMF
3 questions posted by me
40 minutes
14.30 cabfare
almost late (cab driver went super long way. TSKTSK)
and I have to wear a full suit for the interview.

and I think I should be able to get it. Cause supply of interns for them not enough.