so I didn’t want to tell you my blog add

There is this friend, let’s name her Super Smelly who is quite a close friend of mine. SO MIss Pooh who knows about my blog blurted out one day that she knew to Super Smelly even though she was sworn to secrecy. :(. Super Smelly being a close friend started to get upset that I did not tell her the address and has been hiding. She started to ask around and realise that holy of holy, Miss Eloquent also knew my blog add. Then Miss Eloquent also didn’t know how to tell a white lie and admitted. 🙁

So now Super Smelly went to ask Miss Superficial ( who doesn’t know the blog add ) whether she knows my blog add and told her that alot of people know. WTF. I only told Miss pooh and miss eloquent and mr fag. So Miss Superficial wants to know.


I am quite pissed with super smelly. Maybe she doesn’t know it but Miss Pooh and Miss Eloquent has been friends with me for almost 10 years. I knew her better for 1 year plus. Guess who I can trust? Ditto for Miss Superficial. Mr Fag for almost 5 years ( but he is given special treatment ).

Where is my privacy? and how dare Super Smelly go around snooping to find out who knows? I feel like telling her off in the face that I don’t really know you that well, and that’s why I didn’t give you my add.

Her snooping is getting me rather worried. I am afraid she will borrow Miss Pooh’s or Miss Eloquent’s laptop to check the internet history. Or maybe google my blog out. The snooping has been going around for more than 1 month already.

Seriously what the fuck man. So juvenile of her.