shi bu siao

I went for the IMF training today and I must say I am impressed with the creativity of the organisers. With a limited space, they have managed to create 1000 offices within Suntec. Impressive. In Dubai, they build a whole new building. In s’pore, we build a building within a building. The makeshift offices blend in with the existing infrastructure of Suntec such that we can’t even tell they are only going to be there for 10 days. It looks Permanent. And did I mention there are 1000 of them? Hahaha. I think I did.

With the space constraints, they managed to build 2 storeys within a single floor. Since some of the floors have much higher ceilings, they split the level into 2 levels. PICO really did a good job. Viola, they have double the space. There are even massage chairs for the tired participants.

Thinking about it makes me kinda look forward. And yes, we are highly motivated volunteers. By a twist of good fate, I am only going to miss one lesson. Hahaha! Talk about luck. I can’t wait to rub my fat shoulders with the rest of the delegates. It will be a fulfilling experience and I get to keep the nice uniform. Can gian peng.

I was happily telling Mr Jie Mei that I can finally see the successful orh nangs during the days I am participating. And he said something really horrible, ” I scared you shi1 bu4 siao1″ After saying that, he started to laugh to himself and said that “oh, there is double meaning. Heeheehee”

Wah piang. So I smacked him and asked him whether he meant that erm, the member is huge for asian size during corpulation. Then he said yes. *Smack*. ANd then I asked him whether he meant that the second one is oral ahem cause shi1 in english is eat. And he said yes * massive smack*

Nabeh. Miss Eloquent said that he was probably thinking in his head the images when he said that to me. GOSH!