PR people

This is the third time I am blogging. KNNCCB. Cause everytime I pressed backspace sometimes, it shifts me back to the previous website I see.

Anyway on thurs, i went with sl to simpang bedok to look for our fortune teller. Alas, he only sees people on wed night and sat night and we are one day too late. Since we are in the area, sl decides that we should make the most our of it. We decided to go to this thai temple. However we are dressed inappropriately. She was in shorts and I was in a skirt. Nevertheless, we got blessed by the thai monk and he doesn’t do fortune telling services.

We were directed to a buddha statue where we are supposed to lift the statue three times before we shake the sticks in a container and then look for the corresponding number. We both failed the first step as the statue was much too heavy. According to the person, elderly or young children are able to lift the statue but some young people just cannot lift the statue up. 🙁

Hence, that day was just spent getting wet with no fortune told. But at least we are very blessed now.

On fri, it was Miss Pooh’s birthday. But her being her, although we are supposed to go eat steamboat together with all the other friends to celebrate her birthday, she flew our kite and in the end, we ate the steamboat alone. She only managed to come after eating with her parents at 930 pm. We ate the birthday dinner without the birthday girl. ha! Chou Miss Pooh.

Today, I did an event for hermes for the sake for more money. In the end, I think I lost more money. Cause I did not know we are supposed to wear contacts and wore specs, in the end, the girl was like nitpicking on me, and I went to get contacts. Nabeh. Cost me 45 bucks. Then had to borrow makeup. Nabeh to say my skin is terrible. Grrrr. And then it was supposed to be an 6 hrs event, in the end it was 3.5 hrs. My dinner was worth 1 hr’s work. And I am definitely grouchy when I came home cause the purpose of earning money became spending money.

I realise I detest PR people. I was there with Miss Eloquent today and somehow we are separated. She was with 2 other girls while I was with my friend and Miss PR. Miss PR within a short moment, told me that she writes for FHM and was featured in FHM. Whatever lah. It is too much information. She was happily PR-ing with people and PR people are faking it. I can’t see the sincerity when she talks to me and all she wants to do is to PR or tell me about her life. Oh, she plays sports overseas too. Maybe S’pore has a chance at World Cup 2010.

I can’t understand why some people are so happy that they are told they are PR or in their PR mode. *looks at a certain blogger*PR= fake. How can you be happy that people just said that you are fake?