News Update

I decided not to go to school early even though I was able to make it on time. Shall wait until my lesson starts before going to school. Blame it on my heavy laptop and my activities of buying birthday presents for my friends later. Shopping with a 3 kg weight on my shoulders ain’t fun. September is the birthday of many babies. I have 3 birthday parties this week, 2 of which falls on this sat and 1 tomorrow. Hence I have to rush from IMF suntec to the 2 birthdays. Not to mention Big Chor’s ( more commonly known as da chor) birthday on Sep too.

Makes me recall the events leading to their birthdays 9 months ago. Is Jan such a good time to have sex? I came up with the theory that every year, people will make useless new year resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, save more money. Maybe making babies is one of the new year resolutions. Hence more sex in the beginning of the new year. I always make new year resolutions in the past to lose 5 kg. In the end, I put on 5kg. Hence the next year must lose 10 kg. This year, I stopped making new year resolutions and lost more weight than ever before.

Anyway since I woke up early,I get to read the money section of the straits times ( big yawn ). Shall update some news.

1) Commodies market set to end its bullish market due to decreasing demand. China one of the major proponents of growth has contributed to the increase in demand in the past. However, with interest rates rising, lending will be curbed and demand will increase less drastically.
2) oil prices drop to a 5 month low of $66 per barrel.
3)China ended its peg to the US currency, using the exchange rate policy to help cool export-led economic growth. A more flexible and stronger yuan will narrow US trade deficit
4)A strong US housing market has driven the economy in recent years. However, there has been a larger than expected drop in US home prices and an increase in supply. Oil prices are set to increase due to war between Lenanon and Israel. These factors will seek to dampen the year-end rally.