Honestly I have no idea what to call this, this issue which have been plaguing me for years.

You know those moments when the teacher’s going through some stuff on the whiteboard and you’re not listening. Yes, I had plenty of those moments. Then the teacher will start writing questions and the board.

“Any volunteers?”, naturally no one in the right mind will volunteer.

“Since no one is gonna volunteer, I’ll just have to pick one lucky person myself”, and the teacher starts glancing through the attendance list.

I don’t know when I started doing this but I’ll immediately start praying to myself.

“Please don’t call my name. Please don’t call my name. Please please please…”

Guess who the teacher called?

Yes, yours truly. Every single time without fail, I start praying to myself and next thing I know, I’m called up to the board to ‘volunteer‘.

Coincidence? Of course.

Now my driving lesson’s over I feel much better talking about it without any repercussion.

The driving school’s system works something like this.

The student’s assigned a supposedly random instructor every lesson, I don’t mind that one bit. The thing is, the school system that assigns the instructor, if possible, will always pair you up with an instructor who had taught you.

More often that not, I get paired up with my least favourite instructor, Zolonameverylongiforgot, aka. the instructor who I would very gladly pay $8 not to be assigned to.

“Please don’t assign him to me. Please don’t assign him to me. Please please please…”

Guess who I got assigned to?

Yes, Zolonameverylongiforgot.

Coincidence? Of course.