i think i know what i want

I marched to the career counsellor yesterday. Full of confidence as I needed her help to improve my resume for a scholarship application.

She saw my O levels, SAT and Uni grades and she made a remark. Something along the line of why there was a huge discrepency between my SAT grades and my Uni grades. -______- Then she asked for my JC results. My JC results are actually quite bad save for my SAT and GP score. I am suffering from the diminishing brains disease, characterised usually by a worsening of the grades.

Then she started to question about the major that I am pursueing and I ended up sounding stupid and unsure of myself cause she kept on correcting me. -_____- As I get more and more unsure, she started to ask me more and more questions making me nervous. At one point of time, she was saying about not rushing into the major since everybody is doing that. And she told me to give my primary degree another chance. She did not even recognise the internship I did even though it was recognised by the school.

And then, I started to feel smaller and smaller. And unsure of what I thought I originally wanted. And I wanted to cry. Somehow that was the feelings that overwhelmed me at that time.

I went there an elephant and returned as a mouse. I shall delay the scholarship application until the next year after I have done a stint of internship with them. Sigh.