I got an exchange student in one of my project groups. To many, that spells trouble. But for a big group of 6, having 1 less doesn’t really matter. (omg as of this time, the exchange student replied an email to us. The first we have heard in weeks!) Plus my whole project group is resigned to having 5 members instead of 6. The course that we are taking now is heavy, we have to churn out an assignment every week 24 hrs before our class. For the past 2 weeks, we have been meeting up to do our assignments without our exchange student. Each assignment is 5% and we have to do about 6 altogether.

This week after the 2 weeks of missing project mate, we spoke to the teaching assistant and the prof. They gave her the benefit of the doubt that she doesn’t know what she is required to do, and they will sent her an email and cc to all of us. They are nice even to forgo the first 2 assignments for her.

So this week we are supposed to churn out Assignment 3. As usual, I sent an email out to remind of our group project and the meeting place. Guess what is her reply?

I’m so sorry but I can’t make it this thurs…. Ye I know I’m not doing well in this course….. I’ ll be in Tailand until Tuesday but I will definatly go over the cases and make some notes.


Erm, we are supposed to hand in the assignment on monday and not tues. It is a written assignment and I don’t see how preparing the cases on our own will somehow find the magic to consolidate itself.

Seriously I am alright with not having her as a project mate. Which means our group has 5 people and we churn out the assignments and state our names as 5. The problems come when we are supposed to include a free-rider who really doesn’t do anything in the names. But since our project groups are assigned and we can’t do anything about it, we decided to say whistleblow about her. We managed our expectations about her and her work ability and attitude and we had no problems with her not attending our project meetings. It’s mostly about work expectations.

I have just drafted a super long email to her, and cced to the ta and bcc to kapoh Miss Eloquent.