E-mail: IMF action

I receive alot of e-mails everyday. There’s nothing you can do if you’re that popular of course.

I wanted to publish the one that informed me that I inherited USD10 million but thought I should publish this instead;

Dear All,

There are definitely some of you who truly know what the IMF & the World Bank are about.
There are definitely some of you who want to voice out your opinions but feel that there is nothing much you can do.

So here’s a suggestion of what you CAN do:

For those of you interested,
Get a white shirt and either with 2 other friends, one other, or alone,
Write a slogan reflecting your own personal view of the imf/worldbank, with black marker or fabric paint, such as ‘Capitalism Is Slavery’ or ‘I Murder Farmers’.
If you’re working in a group, you might like to break up the slogan for each member,
For instance, A will have ‘Capitalism’, B will have ‘Is’ and C will have ‘Slavery’.
And if you’re interested, distribute the factsheets on the IMF & World bank!
It can be obtained here:

[The best way to print it would in a booklet format, an A4sheet, back and front, like this: http://www.uploadnext.com/v001/nartlee/odetoyou/imffs.jpg ]

The venues which you might wanna focus on could be Suntec City Tower 5,City Hall, Orchard Rd.
Technically, you can be anywhere and at any point of time at all.
Walk around in your groups of 3s, hand out your flyers anywhere and anytime you please.
Hang around or go about your daily routine.

This is not a movement, this is not an organization.
We know what we are, we are people who feel strongly about this issue. Globalization is a process which affects all of us, although in different ways, yet we do not get an opportunity to have our say in this.
But this is something we can do that is legal and still gives us an outlet of expression.
Instead of whining about not being able to do anything, let’s head out and inform the rest of our fellow Singaporeans!

Things to note

  1. Because of the law in Singapore states that an assembly of more than 4 is considered ‘Illegal Assembly’,
    It is best to work in a group of 3, maximum.
  2. Be nice to the police, they are not the ‘enemy’. They’re not very happy to be re-called to this shit. IMF duty IS taxing for them
  3. This is your own personal way to express how you feel about globalization and the agencies which are involved in this process. This process affects ALL of us, although in different ways, so there is no reason why we should be excluded from having our say in this matter.
  4. Please note that if you happen to speak to any press, please remind yourself that you do not represent an organisation but your individual self, so please state that it is your personal opinion(unless otherwise.)
  5. If you wish to say something make sure you know what you’re saying and don’t let them put words into your mouth, always ask where the reporters are from before you say anything. If you don’t trust the paper, don’t say anything. Most freelance journalists (news syndicates like Reuters of Associated Press) sell their stories to any local and/or foreign press. Don’t forget that you have the right to refuse to comment.

So don’t wait out on this, the program has begun and it will end on the 20th of this month.
And if you can’t be bothered, at least send this to people on your address book, there might be some interested.

You should be sending stuff to this e-mail for more information.