damn the rainy weather

I have great plans for myself today( which I have everyday) and all was spoilt by the weather. Another excuse for procrastination.

I have thought of this great dieting cum saving money cum exercising cum study plan which are all interlinked to each other. Firstly I must get up at 6 am and walk the park for about 1 hr. After which I head home to cook my lunch. I have decided to cook my own lunch for 4 days a week which leads to my saving money cum diet plan. I will mostly microwave or steam my food. And my food will be so horrible, I will rather starve than eat. Hence the fantastic diet plan. And then I must reach school by 830 am in order to snatch take the Financial times as well as business times. Free one so must go there early to book. And that will be my study plan cause I know zilch about finance and hohoho, I am taking finance. What an irony!

And there you have my fantastic plans.

But sigh, I was supposed to go and get groceries to cook my lunch for the following week. But the moment I ended tuition today, it started to rain. I have an umbrella and was pretty glad for that, until the bloody strong wind blew my umbrella the other way ( when it was open and sheltering me) , and my cheapo umbrella got spoilt. Nabeh. Therefore, I have no umbrella. I can’t cross to the bus stop opposite to take a bus home and hence have to take the bus in the opposite direction which took a much longer time. Therefore no groceries, no homemade lunch. 🙁 Luckily still got some food for me to bring to school from home tomorrow. I shall persist. And I will sleep early by 11 pm tonight so that I can wake up tomorrow.


PS: feeling in the dumps and to you, I think you know why 🙁 I will be in a horrible mood for the next few days, so keep out if you see a siao char bo.