buying cny clothes

I have already started buying my CNY clothes.

One skirt which I bought from bangkok will belong to the cny clothes. Reason being that it was too small for me now. But I made a huge assumption that I will lose enough weight to squeeze in the skirt.

And I guess more cny clothes are coming my way with my rampant online shopping. I even got all my friends involved. I think the free sizes from hk shopping stores are far too small for me but heck I am still buying.

One skirt is flying in next week hopefully.
two tshirts,one skirt, one dress hopefully within end of oct
alot of makeup end of oct also

And I am still deciding whether to get one more dress.

MY imf is finally over on monday. Phew. I went to catch banquet with Miss Eloquent after rushing back to school first for half a seminar in my IMF uniform. You should watch banquet if 1) you have too much time 2) too much money 3) loves zhang ziyi 4) wants to improve your chinese

That being said, it was a wtf movie with a terrible script. WTF cause half the time you will be thinking wtf while watching.

The new Cathay cinema is freaking cold. I think it was at least 18 degrees. I was freezing with my thick blazer on already. Bring 2 jackets there or maybe a winter coat.

AND some fucker stole my well worn court shoes. Luckily I checked on fri evening while preparing for sat’s imf event. I had to rush to get another pair. My shoes are still relatively new. Damn that asshole who stole it. I know my feet odour smells damn good and I can only come up with this reason why my shoes can be stolen.