I feel like a pregnant woman now with my backache. I have no idea how I managed to have a backache but I blame IMF. Fat people on heels = strained back.

I get a gig thumbdrive courtesy of participating in IMF but my friend told me that 800 mb belongs to Mr Lee, I think there is a video of him. The remaining 200 mb is mine to store. But don’t complain so much. Got free gift better than none. And these are actually gifts for the delegates.

I have a test on monday and judging from my fantastic performance of 33/100 for the surprise quiz, I am sure I will ace the test. Doesn’t help that diffusion really works when I am sitted with a class of smart people ( why the hell they want to learn the same things as me ) and I am closely but surely being smarter just because I am among their presence. Oh and we are graded on a normal distribution and I will most probably end up at the 99% confidence interval.

Oh well.