And the mrt stations are well-guarded

Oh well, if not how can you explain the fact that the mrt staff stopped me and asked to see my ezlink card. Apparently, I look old. And cheapskate as well. Cause I look like an auntie who will use a tertiary ezlink card just to save money.

At an early morning of 830 am, he stopped me and I was anal about him thinking that I look old. Nabeh. I was dressed quite okay that day. So I conclude his eyes got problems. So I told him ” You want to see my school card as well?” and flashed my ezlink and school card at him. I was thinking of showing him my IC too. GRRRRR. After staring at it, he asked me where I was attached to. For a moment, I wanted to tell him that I am single and available. Ahem! But I thought better of it and said my school name which was actually at the top of my ezlink card.

He spoiled my morning. GRRRRR!

After that in the evening, I went to watch Devil wears Prada with Miss Pooh, Crystal, Miss Eloquent. What a nice show! I love the part where the gay designer said ” Wake up 6!” Lol. If he calls me my size number, I think he will have a fit. But halfway through the movie, for the first time in all the movies I caught, the movie stopped and stalled. But we got a packet of popcorn free so I shall let that glitch slide for once.

Something which I found hilarious was that there are some people who are sitting in the wrong seats. Those people with the tickets went to find them and inform them that they are sitting on their seats and guess what’s the reply? ” It is free sitting”

RIDICULOUS! Luckily I was not the one whose seats are being sitted on due to “free sitting”, if not I will blaze those guys due to the insulting morning I had earlier.

And all the happenings on a tuesday.

Today I had to rush to give tuition. I woke up at 6 am and felt like a primary school kid. In the end I decided to cut short the tuition as fatigue proved to be my nemesis. I decided to take a nap at my cousin’s house before heading off to school. And that proved to the a wrong decision cause I ended up even more tired. I had 2 dreams within half an hour of napping, no wonder I was feeling mentally groggy.

Oh yah and my virgin online shopping skirt is finally here. But I bought a size which is too big. So now I know.