4 million smiles

I was up there at suntec going through the various security yesterday and today. And damn, I feel shagged even though my working hours are so much lesser.

I was grinning at everybody who passes me by until my partner in crime said that I am 4 million siaos ( as in crazy ). At the end of the day, I just wanted to stop smiling in case I get facial tics.

I am glad to be in the position to help. I managed to chat with some of the delegates and enquired about their stay in Spore. One african delegate read the book by our then SM Lee From third world to First, and he was impressed with the man himself. Of course, I informed him that SM is now MM, a fact which he doesn’t know. It is one in a million chances to be in a place where there are representatives of a hundred over countries, and I am glad I am given the chance.

Our calves and toes are hurting even after a 2 hr shift. I swear that pointy-toed shoes are the new feet-binding equipment of the chinese. After a few centuries, we are still binding our feet, in a different ways. My toes are so squashed together that i-squeeze which was provided for us, was a godsend.

last week there was 3 birthdays. 1 birthday was held at a restaurant. 1 birthday was held at pasir ris. 1 birthday at east coast. I liked the one at the restaurant for the fact that it was so cosy.It doesn’t help that it was held at one of my most fave restaurants with the best manager. I liked the one at pasir ris cause the chalet was damn nice. The cream puffs were so fucking fantastic that our group of friends finished at least 40. I liked the one at east coast cause it was so laid back with mahjong. And the birthday girl looked happy and relaxed. That’s what is nice about it. And she looks sincerely happy at our present.

I also watch singapore dreaming last week. All singaporean guys should catch it. Especially those with sisters. It captures the real story of zhong nan qing nu ( more emphasis placed on sons rather than daughters ). I am fucking glad that I have no brother and because of that, I was allowed to excel in my own way.

Tomorrow my shift is at an ungodly 730 am. Pfft.