trip down memory lane

Clearing my room will be a nostalgic affair. This time truely so compared to previous years as I will be doing a major room makeover. Thus for the first time in many years, I have to open forgotten drawers and wonder what lies beneath.

I have to throw away alot of bags.

Sigh. Some of the bags are from jc and I like them alot cause of the memories triggered. Like the 37 degrees sling bag from Mr Fag who spent a hefty 30 plus bucks on it ( a huge amount considering his family situation and the min cost was supposed to be 20 bucks. Sigh ) Should I throw the bag away? I don’t think I will ever have a use for it. I have grown up and grown out of sling bags. 3 sling bags pending judgement day.

I threw away key chains which have been with me for 10 over years. Mainly cause there is no use for them anyway. Not that there has been a use for them initially.

I kept the national geographics which collected alot of dust and is destinated to collect more dust because erm, quite expensive when I was forced to buy it last time and it makes me feel genius to know there is a stack of national geographic somewhere in my room.

I kept all the stuff which I used to make personalised gifts for my friends. Just in case my hands decided to play da vinci again.

And I realised that I should stop buying christmas cards cause I never write them. There are 2 packets lying in my cupboard which reminded me of 2 years of folly.

And I found my sec sch name tag and school badge. Heehee. I love keeping such things.

And I want to write about my dad. Fathers are funny people. When I am eating, he used to comment ” You want to put on more weight isit? ” And then I start to diet, ” You better eat more. Eat rice later. Don’t suffer from malnutrition. ”

After lunch at 1140, he made me snack at 440pm. And he was simply appalled that I did not eat anything in between. Huh? I had lunch already and is reeling from the effects of the digestion when I am forced to eat a breakfast bar and drink some milk. The result? ME being bloated even though it is 745 and time for dinner. He even told me to stop clearing my room to eat some dinner to have energy.

And in case anyone thinks I have experienced great weight loss, I have not lost any weight in 2 weeks despite the dieting. Miss Eloquent said , ” your dad is foiling your 100 dollars diet plan” I do eat my meals but my dad is making me eat unnecessarily.

I know he cares cause he went to get more milk for me. I hope drinking milk will prevent breast shrinkage which is already happening. Sigh.

Anyway I am going to eat my month’s supply of durian tomorrow with Mr Jie Mei and Mr-think-he-is-so-charming before Mr “charming” flies off to some european country. We are supposed to have frog’s leg porridge but I will skip that. Ewww!