save money

I need to save up at least 3000 next year to go for this study trip somewhere. I hope it is somewhere cheap. Haiz. If it is london, it might go up to 5000.

THUS, I have pledged to save 2000 by the end of this school semester. And I shall work my ass from dec to feb with another internship plus lots of tuition and hopefully I can save up another 2000 bucks.

Sounds tough considering that students don’t have alot of money and all my money comes from tuition. Minus bus fare. Minus hp bill. Minus internet bill. Minus food expenses and others. I will be ending up with 0 but I shall prevail and save up a tremendous amount of money.

Hopefully I can get the scholarship which they even give to students with low grades ( finally got chance), since they looking for x factor ( machiam looking for superstar ) then the trip will be free. But in the mean time, I shall just save up. Chances are not high. Hurhurhur.

Therefore, I can’t get a digital cam. Can’t get a new hp. No holidays this dec. Lots of sacrifices. Haiz. WHo ask me to be on OMS? Eh not overseas merit scholarship but own money scholarship.