new room makeover

I finally uploaded the pics of my new room. It is the neatest in many years and 2 decades so don’t critisize if you feel it is messy. I am a messy person by nature. LOL

2 bookcases, 1 bed frame, 1 mattress and 1 mattress protector cost me 600 bucks. I think it is quite worth it considering that my bookcases are at least 2 metres tall and covered with glass panels. I got free delivery and free assembly cause I spent min 600 bucks. The guys from Seahorse are efficient in fixing my furniture and they finished within one hour.

New bed and messy table. Compare with the pic at the end to see the slightly neater table.

There is no space in my room to fix 2 bookcases and 1 bed hence the guys have to fix it in the living room. Gosh, it took up the whole living room area. The amount of bolts and nuts and nails to fix the cupboard seemed like a nightmare. I can’t even fix a ikea tv set 🙁

guy fixing the cupboard’s glass panel in my room

TA DAH!!! The finished bookcases. One will contain books and the other bags.

My slightly neater bookcase. I used to have the top part as bookcases and realised that they can be used to be on top of my studytable. More space for my new bookcases and more things to put on my study table. The garden at the top was given to me by my friends for my birthday this year. Everybody wrote something for me on those flowers. The white box next to the studytable will be my vanity corner. I bought a mirror to put on top and all the drawers contain my accessories, makeup, skincare. The chair beside is to put my bag when I come back home since I got a bad habit to leave my bags on the sofa until there is a pile of bags there.

some pink bimbo stuff and my books. There’s a chemistry drawing template also and a memento from my old school building which my friend ripped off

I have been having sleepless nights due to the new mattress. I need to get used to it SOON!