msn conversations

Interesting msn conversations I have recently.

I was telling wang wang that I went to jalan kayu to eat at Jerry’s BBQ and the food was good. He was like, ” That’s bad food. The original Jerry’s is at seletar airport and that’s the best!” Since, I do not drive, my road directions are non-existant. Little did I know that the jalan kayu and seletar airport Jerry’s is the same one. KNNCCB. Luckily my colleague told me.

I was telling MIss Superficial that I want to go shopping when I go to genting. And she was like, ” there isn’t much shopping there.” Then I replied that since I came back from bangkok, I bought alot of stuff and so would not be shopping much there except for shoes. Miss Superficial has a history of being disgusted at the amount of shoes I buy all the time. So she exclaimed ” BUT YOU ONLY GOT A PAIR OF LEGS!” To which I decided to annoy her by telling her, I am a caterpillar.

And her reply?

You friggin bug

the things we do when we are bored at work.