Mr Fag

Let’s welcome Mr fag to my blog. I finally revealed my blog to him after more than 9 mths. He joins a group of 5 who seeks to protect my identity. Except for chou Miss Pooh who blurbed out once. tsk tsk.

anyway, I received a call from wes the other day. I wanted to call him and chat with him since it has been 4-5 mths since I contacted him. But he beat me to it and called me up for a chat. I have been too busy with my internship and 8 tuition kids to even have a social life and be a friend to my friends. Boy, I suck at friendships.

And to Mr fag, nope, I have not given up on you. Just that I was too busy for my own good. It seemed that I have neglected my friends.

I shall resume contact and let’s go for a movie soon. Hur!

Anyway, I went to ys’ birthday yesterday. I was surprised to see that she invited so little friends and well, I am glad I am one of them. I was the only one which turned out from that group so it seemed pretty weird at times but I make new friends at the party ( things you do when you are alone ) and showed off my plaiting skills. She was glad that I went there and I am glad that I did. Cause despite my discomfort at being alone at the party, I showed up for a friend’s most important day of the year.