Movies review

I watched 3 movies after a long movie draught.

How Much Do you Love me? ( another RA movie but it is french )

The plot is weird. Reality, thoughts and imagination are all blurred and the confusion will definitely set in for the movie-goer. However at least we finally see a not-so-hot guy bedding a hot girl. Definitely an ego-boosting show. On the superficial note, the female lead looks hot only frontal. Glimpse of her back view or side view will send Singaporean men saying ” wah, so big sized” I guess Singapore men are not used to voluptous women. Sigh.

I spent 10 bucks on this worthless movie and the only reason worth going is because it is my last day of internship and I refuse to head home to stone.

Tokyo Drift
Brian Tee the bad ass is so hot. The music is a tad loud. And I want to learn how to drift like that. But I need a driving liscense first.

Watched this movie with Miss Superficial and Miss Eloquent, hf and my. HF is so paranoid as usual and put her hands to her ears as though it helps to soften the decibels.


watched it this thur morning with the RA gang. I really digged sandra bullock’s hair and wanted to chop my hair after seeing her. The movie was an adaption of ll mare and I have to say I am glad sandra bullock is the actress cause there is no one else who can pull it off like her. At the end of the movie, I was left tearing. Definitely one of the most romantic movies of the year so catch it. Romance Singapore shall let all the Singaporean singles watch movies like this and within moments, almost everybody will want to get hitched.

At least I want to get hitched when I watch this.

I still think she looks amazing.