Last day

so last friday was my last day at work. For the past 3.5 months, I have been the messiest intern with the worst handwriting they have ever seen. My director asked Mentor a few times whose wrote the words when it has been me all the time. My handwriting flaculates just like my mood. My table has no space to put things and I am famous for that. hahaha. I am the intern who gambled like nobody’s business during world cup. To make herself feel better about her 3 digit loss, she decided to divide the losses by 4 years since world cup comes once every 4 years.

I am the intern who loves toto and 4 d and will engage the whole dept to buy together whenever I feel some inspiration to let Spore Pools earn our money.

I am the intern who knew more about Singapore Elections even though I am not voting. Politics interest me every elections.

So with all the happy times I spent together with my colleagues, I felt sad that I have to leave them. It didn’t help that my colleagues keep on telling me that they will miss me. I was trying to hold back my tears. I guess it is the hormones.

I had 2 days of celebrations due to a miscommunication. hahaha. Lucky me, I must say. LAB got me a present and it turned out to be a set of parker pens. I am touched by his present actually. Sigh.My colleague got me a bodyshop perfume set. I baked my famous brownies which had my manager telling me to open my own shop. I made personalised cards for them and bought them some necklaces.

Maybe I look old but some colleagues did not even know I am an intern. Double sigh.

One little regret I had, ABU did not give me anything. I will feel much happier if abu got me the set of parker pens instead. LAB got my number and I did not get ABU’s number at all. Let’s just say that I am attracted to the wrong type of guys. An incident which got me pissed about ABU: he wanted to eat yang chow fried rice and I ordered for the lunch group and collected the food. ABU opened his lunch and realised that it is just fried rice and not yang chow fried rice and ate the food angrily. My colleagues who heard me ordering over the phone vouched that I ordered yang chow fried rice. I was super pissed because buying lunch is not my duty but something I did cause it was on the way.

But still, I feel a little something for ABU and at least we took pictures together. I did not manage to take a pic with LAB and Miss Eloquent has been berating me since he was the supposed high-light of my internship.

I managed to leave the company with no tears but dropped a few on the bus-ride home. Emotions got the better of me that day.