LAB was talking to another colleague with me in obvious earshot ( we are sitting next to each other and no one was around), talking about 1) he was offered scholarships to go uni which he didn’t get 2) he quitted uni cause he does not like loans 3) Going back to uni now as it is part of his dreams 4) yawns yawns

Maybe he was trying to impress me or tell me that he studies in uni like me or I think too much.

On another note, I wore a sarong to work today and got immense amount of compliments from everybody 🙂 I folded the sarong into 2 to make a knee length skirt and fastened with safety pins and a belt. I bought this sarong from Arab street one yr ago and wore only once. We learnt how to tie the sarong. Apparently, you must tie in such a way that the patterns can be seen. Quite alot of theory. But since, I look nice and slimmer in the skirt, I shall wear the skirt more often. hahaha.