How I did it

I am responding to a comment on what I did to achieve the weight loss.

It sounds alot. 10 kgs. But it doesn’t look so evident when you see me.

I went to a doc to get an appetite suppressant pill. The pill as its name suggest is supposed to make me feel full. A direct consequence will be the fact that I will eat lesser and hence lose weight.

I sure ate much lesser. I cut down significantly now compared to 2 months back. Right now, I can’t even finish half my food. Today’s meal for instance was : 1.5 slice of pizza bread ( good enough for breakfast ), one big chicken bao, one small slice of cake, and some random sweet stuff which my friend got for me from shanghai ( cannot even count a meal ). All the servings are small compared to last time, when I can polish off. My appetite just 3 months ago was

“I ate a plate of fried hokkien mee, 2 chicken wings, 2 satays and 1/2 a plate of wu xiang.”

with the appetite suppressant, I controlled my diet stringently. I ensured that I do not overeat ( I still lapse at times ). When I was doing my internship, I religiously ate fish slice noodles every day. From someone who dislike eating fish, I came a long way and enjoyed eating fish now. I ate lots of fruits when I am hungry. I drink milk like water. And I try to exercise which wasn’t very successful cause I will get my menses/sick/8tuition kids.

I still eat unhealthy food. Like I ate at jerrys. Tiranmisu. Ice cream almost every week. But the key word is control. Like if I overeat one day, I ensure that I will control my diet the next day by eating much lesser. I think controlling your cravings will make you hate dieting so the important things is to enjoy your fave food but at a smaller portion.

I havn’t stepped into a fast food restaurant for 2 over months. I stopped my breakfast of curry puffs everyday. I try to drink plain water and milk instead of cold drinks. But I still take coke at resturants or when I really have a bad case of craving.

My diet which changed significantly will be the amount of fish i eat. I hope I am growing smarter and wiser. As well as the reduced amount of carbohydrates. I still eat my rice and noodles/bread/ breakfast bars. Atkins diet is good for losing weight but it is tough to maintain an atkins diet in S’pore or Asia. The best bet will be to eat in moderation. Atkins is not very good for the health anyway. You over utilise your kidneys and end up with bad breath or body odour.

You heard all the good stuff now I shall talk about the bad stuff.

The pill that I am taking now has side effects. I am lucky that I did not get any side effects but Miss Eloquent who is taking the same pill as me got quite alot of side effects. She has heart pulpitations, constipation, severe loss of appetite ( she can eat a muffin the whole day ), having worse temper and being moody or depressed. Another sec sch friend who took it before us ( which we only knew recently ) had depression.

There are other side effects like insomnia, thirst and what nots. Taking pills is not natural and as long as your stomach shrunk ( like mine ), stop taking it and follow a good diet.

My health got affected by dieting. I fell sick twice in 2 months. That’s once every month and what are the chances? Right now, I am nursing a fever/cold and sore throat. I had sore throat and a bad sore throat for almost 2 weeks the last time.

My menses is screwed. But it was also before I took the pill. I thought I had my menses last week and now I am having it again. And the flows are super little that it is a little freaky. My friend who went on extreme dieting in jc stopped menstruating. So for ladies, a good indication of your health will be your menses.

Having said that, I still believe in exercising. I really hate exercising. But I make myself walk in the park which is something I don’t mind doing compared to running. And walking is therapy for the soul. After this bout of illness, I shall exercise more regularly.

I have friends who are skinny and dieting also. Because they have arms that continued shaking even after they stopped waving their hands for 1 sec. My fat arms shake for 10 secs compared to her. Therefore, unless you are severly overweight, bmi above 25, dieting is a high price to pay for bad health. After I lose enough weight, I am going to ensure that my weight loss remains cause the whole dieting process is too high a price to pay.

Preventing is really better than cure.