Happy National Day

Happy National day to everybody!

I set out with a purpose to clear my room but ended up watching a vcd and surfing the net. I think I have become spoilt as I just hate to watch vcds on tv. Must be all the movies I have been watching. I am used to big screens. Next time, I shall try watching vcds on my laptop and place my eyes nearer to the screen. Problem solved!

I am going to get some Victoria’s Secret bra-top and knickers via my colleague. I must cease my shopping soon cause my dad complained about the number of bags I have. For a student, I have 25-30 bags. And that’s where my tuition money have been going. Sigh. And now I am into buying belts. Within a month from a previously belt-less me, I now have 4 belts. And counting.

On another note, I went to check out a new club yesterday called CUBE located opp MOMO. Purely by invites, I saw Denise Keller and Robin Leong. Although it was free-flow, I just did not have the stomach to drink all the calories. I stop at 2.5. What a different me. I used to drink my stomach to 7.

On a bad note, I was dressed like a national day flag yesterday for the clubbing night. Red top and white skirt which wasn’t bad except that I fell down in bedok for all to see. I was going down the stairs and I wanted to step past the drain in case my heels got stuck in it so I reached out further. ALAS! My heels is shaky and I did not factor that in. Hence, I landed and scrapped my knees while everybody brustled by. Hate! And last than 100 metres later, I got my heels stuck in a hole. Damn.