Hair today gone tomorrow

After going through copper, red, blonde, red, brown, blood red ( shocking red ), blonde, I decided to stick to my roots and go for jet black.

It has been a good 3 yrs since I have black hair. It takes some getting used to and I think the black looks too black. Now my hair looks like a wig in my opinion. And I got back my bangs. Bang Bang.

My hair job was cheap. 10 bucks for the dye job. 10 bucks for my diy dye. Not a hairsome experience except for the fact I was put in a machine I remembered my grandmother used to put her head in when she perms my hair.

After I left the hairdresser, there was this huge wind which swept the sand off the pavement and hit all the passengers as it scurries to another location. Then I saw a mishap on the bus, a girl got up the bus only to leave one slipper dropping off at the bus stop. The bus moved on with her on it with one slipper on and one slipper at the distancing bus stop. The poor girl finally told the bus uncle to stop after tapping her ezlink card for the trip and ran in the rain to the bus stop. Poor thing. If only she had asked the bus driver to stop when she realised that her slipper was at the bus stop.