die cockroach die

I killed a cockroach last night.

First and hopefully last time. Frankly cockroaches disgust me. They do not deserve to live so long on planet earth since the dino times.

Anyway one cockroach crawled into my room leaving me with no choice but to kill it. It then started to wonder through my numerous stuff and my bday presents. That was the last straw. I smacked the cockroach over and over again until I can’t find where the hell the cockroach corpse is.

Then I started to remove my things to find the corpse and there the disgusting fellow looked like it has its head chopped off. And I started screaming. My bravery to smack the cockroach disappeared and I cowered in the distance. The fear that my things are going to be attacked by the cockroach is gone, I guess.

Luckily, the cockroach’s head is still intact. But the next thought I had was whether the cockroach’s brother and sisters know that I am the murderer and invade me at night.

Luckily there was no nightmare and no such happenings


I am so brave. hahahaa