bangkok trip

super belated entry but I have 8 kids and time is not on my side. Since I have finished my internship, I shall start on this entry. Better late than never 😀

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At Changi Airport

our puny airplane by valuair

Departure 49. We are made to walk all the way to the end. Budget air flights is lower in status than other flights hence the further distance.

First stop was Chatuchuk
Firstly, a tourist shouldn’t make Chatuchuk the first stop if he/she hasn’t been to bangkok before. Reason being, I had the impression that Thailand is the land of the smiles but Chatuchuk spoilt everything. 🙁 I saw the land of the frowns instead. One shop keeper was so rude ( compared to the other less rude ones ) that we decided to walk away although we wanted to get her shoes since they are really beautiful. Sob Sob. I can’t get over that incident cause I really wanted to get those shoes.

Ok, we are buying 6 pairs of shoes and we bargained. Original price is 199, we asked for 180 and persisted. Her best price to us was 190 which was not a good discount at all. All the shoes are already placed in plastic bags for us to buy. When we persisted with 180, she took out all the shoes from the plastic bags and said ” I am not selling. Don’t buy. ”

FUck you! I have a bad impression of bangkok on Day 1.

She was the worst example but there are other bad examples to make me grumpy on the first day. Luckily the thais I met after Day 1 was the normal friendly type.

It was also too hot and I ended up with heat rashes after 5 hours in Chatuchuk.

But me being me, despite being pissed off and haggling with the store owners, I still managed to buy alot.

Bags! I think I bought 8 bags

For my colleague’s daughter

this deniem skirt is the same as the one above. Since we can’t try, we just buy and we can’t wear so must first lose weight.

I think my total haul of necklaces from the trip is 12.

None of these earrings went to me cause I have too many at home and only 1 pair of ears.

For dinner, we went to this restaurant called crepes and co. The food is really good and the decor of the place is high-end. Price we paid for both our food and dessert is around 21-22 Sing dollar which is alright considering in singapore, it would hit 30-40 bucks.

Our crepes and pasta which is yummy

our dessert which has rum. They are generous with the rum. Since my friend doesn’t like alcohol, I ate all the rum parts myself and ended up high.

After which we went for the ROAR show aka tiger show. Our taxi-driver saw us as vegetable heads which are ready to be chopped cause he bought us to the dark alleys ( think geylang for local context ) instead of where we wanted to go.

Day 2
We went MBK and siam paragon in the afternoon.