bangkok day 2

Day 2 of Bangkok
We went MBK and siam paragon in the afternoon.

MBK which we only managed to cover 2 storeys due to limited time.

I bought a car in Bangkok too.

No, make that 2 cars.

After that we proceeded to have a thai massage. The massage place was quite horrible. There are 3 guys and 3 girls in our group and they assigned 2 guys for the girls. Fucking terrible. I could see the 2 guys who can’t contained their grins as they follow us to the rooms. My friend started to show that she wants someone with long hair while saying “girl girl”. Luckily we got assigned girls. Since this is my virgin thai massage, I thought that I was supposed to lie down with my face facing down. My masseur woke me up and told me that I slept the wrong way. Hence I got up and in the midst, fell off the bed. And the worst thing is that my pants dropped down the moment I fell off. Sob sob. Now she saw everything. The shirt and the pants we are wearing are provided by the massage place and are friggin huge such that we look like we are wearing cloth instead of clothes.

After the thai massage, we adjourned for dinner at Cabbages and Condoms. All the decorations are made of condoms. So cool. hahaha. A lot of condoms wasted in the process. What a waste. After dinner we are given condoms to keep. In the end I took all to give my friends in Singapore. hahaha.

beautiful décor at the cabbage and condoms restaurant

the condoms are used as decorations on our tables

After dinner, we proceeded to Suan lam for the night bazaar where we do more shopping.

Shopping for the day

shoes which cost 199 baht each. Around 8.50-9 bucks.

t-shirts that look nice but doesn’t look so nice when you wear it as the sleeves are too long and the neck is round.

more bags. Both got compliments when I used it in Singapore.

Books from kino at siam paragon. The books are only slightly cheaper however most of the books there are even more expensive than their Singapore counterparts.

I think all the 4 of them cost around 50 sing altogether which is a steal.

my fave dried vegetables

I bought 16 of them. Good to give as gifts for the rest of the people.

top bought for my sister. She hasn’t wore it yet. If you are reading this, please wear it soon or I shall take it back and wear it.

That’s all for Day 2. The shopping bags never ceases and I got a bad shoulder ache due to the heavy shopping bags I carry.