bad makeup

I just went for lunch with my ex colleagues. We had crab, fried chicken in salad sauce and many others yummies. Slurp. Anyway the lunch was paid for by my manager. She refused to take my money.

It was pouring when we left the place. As I have to left for school, LAB took an umbrella to shelter me from the office to the bus stop outside. I wanted to linger at the office longer but due to him waiting for me, I had to go off. 🙁

On another happy note, I managed to clear my cip hours by doing the imf thing. Huge sacrifice on my side cause I am missing a career talk. Alot of people dropped out except me cause I am humji.

Update: Haiyoh, I totally forgot about the bad makeup part. Ok, my colleagues commented that I look very pale. I guess it is due to my illness cause I look pale to my friend also yesterday. Then today chf said that I am looking green everyday due to my dieting. Hate. Hate. And the worse part is that I am not putting any makeup at all despite knowing how bad I look now. Lazy lah.