Thank you for smoking

I finally sorted out the rest of my schooling life and boy, am I glad. I am going to place more importance on my other major rather than my primary degree. And that takes alot of courage to decide. But opportunites are rare to come by. I just grabbed one which came my way with sacrifices to be made as usual. Being a pioneer is hard to come by, and I will become one of the pioneers which the govt wants to promote. Tell me, I find my other major more interesting and the government is pumping in money for this pilot project, should I take the risk of riveting to my other major? Well, I think I should.

Anyway been extra moody due to school stuff but everything is sorted and I am back smiling.

I should try to be less sulky abt the italians. But my dear Zidane, I still lub you deep deep.

Caught this movie, thank you for smoking! Definitely one of the most under-rated movies. This movie kept me laughing on my toes throughout, even though I was tired out.

The Death Squad consisting of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Go catch it if you are 18 and above.

My movie date however was not as good as the movie. This movie was an impromptu act but the movie is free so I shouldn’t complain much about the companion.


1) my movie would be more enjoyable if YOU do not comment to me at normal talking volume during the movie. Whispering is more considerate and preferred.
2) Don’t ignore my body language which suggests that I am irritated and tired and instead go ON and ON to talk.

At the end of the whole day, I was about to explode. Some people are just so insensitive. Sob Sob.