Last friday, it was guan yin niang niang’s birthday. My colleague wanted to go to the si ma lu temple ( apparently the most famous) to pray during lunch time. Being a part-time worshipper, I agreed since I haven’t been praying for some time.

Despite it being a friday afternoon, the amount of people in the temple was suffocating. We wanted to put some tokens in the money-box at the front of the temple, and there was almost a stampede from the amount of pushing to get to the front. Luckily my colleague managed to take care of me since I am a newbie and will definitely get lost in the massive crowd.

In the end, we took longer than expected due to the traffic jam on the way back.

But it was an experience nevertheless. Quite worried to see elderly pushing and being pushed around. Young children definitely should not be at the temple unless they want to get lost.