I almost self-pwned myself this morning. Luckily I managed to rescue myself. Situation being I think ABU and mentor are quite suitable for each other. 4 years difference. Erm, but the rest are trying to match me and ABU. 8 years difference. I told them that if I want a old guy, I prefer one to be 60-70 years older than me. Might as well go old all the way.

Anyway, the part abt the self-pwned. SO I was trying to check the chinese zodiac animals and see whether they are compatible cause Mentor was saying that a certain animal clashes with her and it was true in the form of her brother’s gf. Luckily, she did not hear the zodiac animal I was. Cause in the end, erm, ABU and my zodiac signs are compatible. The moment I saw that, I was really to close the browser. The “x” sign at the top right hand column never look so inviting. Mentor asked me for my zodiac animal again and I changed topic. hahahhaha

Click here for self-pwn