Phwar, my menses came quite late ( I think I had it between may 7 to 14 and now it is already july). Wow, 1 mth 3 weeks. In case you are a guy and you are wondering how come my period doesn’t come once a month, unlike what the adverts or jokes say, that’s because females are all different and periods might not come regularly. I have a friend who stopped having period of half a year. ( I have guy friends who seriously thought that periods come once a month without fail )
Anyway, I thought that my period will stop since I am dieting now. Alas, it came. And it came while I was giving tuition. And the cramps that came with it tortured me for 5 bloody hours non-stop while I struggle to do maths questions with the nagging pain.

Weird thing is that both the tuition houses I go to, has no panadol. hahaha. Maybe my house is just too fully equipped already.

Anyway today is my younger sis’ bday and we went to swensons for dinner. Happy Birthday Pipi!

And yah, never trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and never die

PS; reading “the traveller” now