my weight loss diary

week 1: I lost 3 kgs. Mostly lost because of little food intake as I feel full. No horrible side effects yet. I have been drinking lots of milk for nutrition and increased metabolic rate. My fruits intake doubled since one of the side effects might be constipation. I exercised for 4 days a week. Brisk walking 2.4-2.7 km before work

week 2: I got my fucking menses. I hate to exercise with a pad wedged between my legs hence I shall exercise only when my period stops or when it slows to a trickle. Lots of bloat since it is the bloating season which results in weight flacuations. I did not eat the pill on friday as I forgot. Luckily I did not feel any hunger pangs even with the limited amount of food. Only exercised one day this week 🙁 One kg lost

Week 3: 1 kg lost. Seemed to be the case now. However my relatives said that I lost weight. Heh Heh.