Grandma’s Birthday

There was the food.

There was my lovely grandmother. She is on the same rankings as my parents. ( She is entitled to 1/3 of my cpf should I die. The other 2/3 belonging to my parents)

There was the crazy cousins.

And there was my bitchy self when we went shopping together later. Obviously not targeted at my cousins but some matured shoppers who have forgotten what being considerate means.

Oh well. I dealt them a low blow when I exclaimed ” the difference between the old and new” when my sis and the auntie was looking into the same mirror, while trying on the same pants. Too bad, they pissed me off when they make trying-on-a-top-and-a -pants a 20 minutes affair. WTF. And they took my advise when I commented loudly ” This type of pants is to wear at the hips. Wear so high will look ugly.” Cause the following conversation heard was ” EH, pull down the pants lower. “*helps slow changer to pull the pants slightly lower*

Ha. Obviously you need some help.

Question of the day: How many matured women does it take to change into 1 top and 1 pair of pants?

Ans: 5. 1 to change and the other 4 to form a cheer-leading group

2 cubicles with an asshole taking 20 minutes in one cubicle makes MRS LIM mad and bitchy.

But I ate the buffet and ended up home with a sorethroat. Looking forward to next major family gathering which is end of the year.