hahaha and yay for france! Bye bye portugal. It was unbelievable but everything that ronaldo has the ball, he was booed. hahaha. sucker for being such an asshat.

I woke up at 3 am to catched the match ( siao ah? ). Watching alone is a bit boring as I can’t scream loudly when there is a goal ( the rest are still sleeping ). For the final 2 matches, I will be watching at Miss Eloquent’s house.

anyway, I met up wth amy and we went to do manicure ( for me ) and pedicure (for her ), only to come home to vigorously type. ha! My first manicure ( better late than never ) and I like the colours. Sorry no pic cause dead cells don’t look that nice even when it is nicely coloured.

anyway I am tired and stressed up over school stuff. Argh. If only I can punch someone to vent my anger.

On another note, it was raining heavily this morning, and my normal bus did not arrived which made me wait for 20 min ( 3 of my buses should have arrived ). So I was late. Sian. No umbrella. Double sian. Luckily LAB same bus and he has umbrella so have to share and make small talk early in the morning. Thank god for world cup. Cause that’s all we can talk about.