free labour is a bitch

I am back from my bangkok trip!

Having 8 tuition kids is such a chore, which results in the long window period between my blogging posts but I promise to blog more often soon. After tuition last thursday, I fell asleep on the bus ride home. Nothing special since I was dead beat except that I managed to wake up when the bus stopped at my bus stop. Damn. I was blur for a moment and comtemplated to alight at the next stop only to realise that it would be too far and inconvenient. Luckily while my brain was sorting out all these information, the bus remained at the bus stop and by the time I recovered to realise that I actually wanted to get down, I was still in time.

Anyway having 8 tuition kids means I am fucking busy everyday including having tuition on both weekends for more than 4 hours each week. Yup, and so for 2 weekends ( yest and today), I sacrificed by being some ticket counter lady for my friend’s concert. All for zilch. I did it cause I am her friend.

But apparently, the incharge decided that 3 out of 4 of us did not do any work and in her words ” I only appreciate ZQ cause the rest of them are not working.”

Oh well, she has eyes or some cctv to spy on us working. CAUSE when she is happily getting ready for her concert, we are sweating it out by answering queries from the patrons, solving seating problems due to her bad planning. I bet she doesn’t think that is working. Oh, and I gave you 10 hours of my free weekend doing some crappy job which I did not even enjoy and I am not working.

WELL FUCK YOU BITCH! I skipped lunch on sat, took cabs on sat to ensure that I can reach the place on time and I AM BLOODY HELL NOT PAID. I did it for free, did to the best of ability I can with my min knowledge about the whole concert and I get this sort of shit attitude from you.

You bloody hell don’t take free labour for granted. We are not there to gian peng the pathetic dinner ( which we accepted ) but to help out for people we care about. We got shouted at by some patrons while you are touching up your makeup to ensure that you look good. At the end of the day, it is still your concert and credit doesn’t goes to the rest of us free labour cause we are just helpers for your big event.

When my friend asked me whether I was working cause that bitch said the rest of us wasn’t, I was seething in anger. My precious 10 hours was wasted and I was not working but slacking according to some shithole. THEN why the bloody hell I go down when I could just sleep at home to catch up on my sleep debt?

When she passed me the pack of chocolates to “thank me for my help”, I really wanted to throw the chocolates at her. Because it is against my principle to receive a gift that smacks of insincerity. FUCKER.

I spent the worst 10 hours of my life this weekend cause I do not know anybody there and eat dinner alone for 2 days.

FUCK! Miss Eloquent asked me, why the hell you go and help when you are so damn busy?

This is the last time I am helping. Bad experiences get stuck in my memory.