so i met up with my ex-crush yesterday. Not that both of us initiated the meeting, but we were just turning up for a fellow friend’s birthday party. It was awkward at least for me, and I tried to keep my distance away from him aside from the hi which we said.

But truth be told, I was in full war-paint ( read: makeup) mode and wearing something sexy. I don’t like him anymore but as I told my colleague ” I just wanted to show him that  I am still living well and looking good.”

Haiz. Women are such weird creatures.

anyway the weird part was that it was sl’s birthday that we are both attending. And the tricky part, I like him then, he doesn’t like me and he likes sl ( i think even now even though sl is attached ). Sl and I are good friends.

But nothing for me to fight with sl about as she doesn’t like him and I don’t like him anymore. I think he still likes her now as he volunteered to be the photographer when he heard about this surprise birthday party. And he bought a huge ass digital camera ( the 1000 ++ type ). But it was weird smiling at the camera when he was the photographer.

One of the 38s could not make it as her grandmother passed away. How I miss her presence yesterday.