double bird day

went to sl’s birthday party again. This time it was held at her house and it was not a surprise party. She is really lucky. hahaha. I seldom celebrate birthday for people twice in a year.

She showed us the presents she had on friday. Ex-crush made her a hand-made present consisting of tiles and pictures printed of her friends ( I was in one of the pics ) and some nice decor. Don’t give me the bullshit that he was doing this as a good friend. The last time a guy friend made something hand-made for me, I checked his sexual orientation and he is gay.  This really meant my friend is a sincere one since we are both interested in guys. Of course there are no jealously pangs since he is an ex-crush. The word ex is amazing. It meant that I have moved on and he is no longer a part of my life. Maybe passing by but not a part.

but I am amazed that he has liked her for so long even though she has a bf all these while and the same bf. 3-4 years of wasted time. Wow.

anyway i ate a hell lot at her home party and realised i put on 1 kg ( damn, there goes the diet plan). However I went to the toilet and I am back normal again. hahaha. My digestive system is good.